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She writes the "Stoner Sex" column on High Times and now has also a personal blog!

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Hyapatia Lee


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August 11, 2016: YouTube video: Little Jumping Mouse Part II


August 10, 2016: YouTube video: Little Jumping Mouse Part I



January 18, 2016: YouTube videos: High Times writer Hyapatia Lee teaches how to grow



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October 23, 2012: "Healing Hyapatia" documentary announced!

Adult Film Legend Hyapatia Lee to Star in New Film, but it's Not what you Might Think
PRWeb – Tue, Oct 23, 2012

Screen Door Entertainment announces a new documentary, "Healing Hyapatia" following former 1980s adult film star Hyapatia Lee through treatment for multiple personality disorder.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 23, 2012
During the golden age of adult films in the 1980s, Hyapatia Lee was a sensation and the first adult star of Native American ancestry. At the peak of her career she starred in top grossing films and was a popular pin-up fantasy girl featured in dozens of magazines, including the all-time best selling issue of Penthouse.

But the fantasy was far from reality. Before she became a sex star, Hyapatia Lee was as an innocent girl named Vicki who endured years of emotional and sexual abuse. As a result, she developed multiple personalities and was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. The adult star Hyapatia Lee emerged as one of seven distinct personalities inhabiting the same body.

"Vicki doesn't know what Hyapatia does and Hyapatia has no idea what Vicki does," she states. "One time I made an appearance as Hyapatia Lee and then blacked out. When I woke up as Vicki, I had no recollection of what I had done or what happened. It was horrifying."

Because of a chance reunion with an old friend, the adult actress will soon be getting some help and be back in front of the cameras, but this time in a very different role. A new documentary, "Healing Hyapatia," follows her progress as she seeks a cure for her multiple personality disorder. "I had therapy long ago" Lee says, "but I don't think they really knew what they were doing and it only made me worse. I'm hoping things have changed since then."

One of the filmmakers, Dave Garrison, is a successful producer and director and also a long time friend of Lee/Vicki. "Growing up, I knew her as a smart and talented girl when we'd appear in community theater productions together," says Garrison. "She was a delightful person and a really wonderful actress. I couldn't believe it when I realized years later that Vicki was also Hyapatia Lee."

After those early years, Garrison and Vicki eventually lost touch, but recently recognized each other on an airplane and the two old theater pals reconnected. When Vicki told him her incredible story of years of suffering with multiple personalities and the ineffective treatment, Garrison immediately had two reactions: "First, I told her that she needed to start getting treatment again," he says, "and, second, I thought this would be a fascinating story that could also help others who have the same condition."

Garrison sought the assistance of Joel Rizor, Executive Producer and CEO of Screen Door Entertainment, the Southern California based production company that specializes in documentary and docu-reality programming. Rizor suggested they shoot a documentary that follows Lee through every aspect of the treatment process and the two teamed up to launch the new project: "Healing Hyapatia."

While the filmmakers will focus on Hyapatia Lee as she explores conventional, alternative and even experimental treatments, they will also include other elements such as Lee reconnecting with some of her adult film friends and former colleagues. "I've lost so many friends in this industry to suicide," she says. "I want to talk with those who survived to see what I can learn from them and find out how they were able to overcome their own obstacles."

In order to retain creative control of the project, the producers plan to forgo more traditional financing methods and use Kickstarter as the main source of funding. "We hope people will see the potential here and get on board to be a part of this," stated Rizor, "not just because it's a great story, but because it can help bring more attention to Dissociative Identity Disorder and new methods of treatment."

Right now there's no telling how the Healing Hyapatia story will unfold. "First we need people to get involved and contribute to the project so we can start the cameras rolling" says Garrison. "Then, only time will tell if Vicki will find an effective therapy. With all that is available now, I think her chances are pretty good and it's definitely going to make for a fascinating film."


For more information and to schedule interviews, please email: info(at)sdetv(dot)com

Dave Garrison
Screen Door Entertainment, Inc.


August 15th, 2012: "Naughty Girls" video on demand at HotMovies.com

Hyapatia's recently re-released film debut "Naughty Girls Need Love Too" is now also available as video on demand (in streaming, downloading, pay-per-minute, rental) via HotMovies.com!
HotMovies has now a total of 52 videos featuring Hyapatia!

Here, we have just added a VOD page listing some of the titles available via HotMovies.com.

July 11th, 2012: Hyapatia on Spice Radio today!!

Hyapatia Lee will be on Spice Radio with the lovely Christy Canyon & Ginger Lynn today 7/11 1:00pm PCT!

June 27th, 2012: Hyapatia will be on the radio soon!

On her official Twitter, Hyapatia says: "I'll be on Spice Radio with the lovely + talented Christy Canyon + the sexy + beautiful Ginger Lynn 7/11 1:00pm PCT - Call me 1-800774-2388"

April 15th, 2012: Born Into Porn: A Documentary Film

The trailer for "Born Into Porn: A Documentary Film" by Miki Ann Mosman and Janet Gaynor can be seen in YouTube. Look for Hyapatia in it!

March 21st, 2012: Hyapatia Lee live show at The Comedy Attic!

Hyapatia is doing her second and final performance at The Comedy Attic, 4th and Walnut in Bloomington, Indiana!
She is also selling some memorabilia and giving away 3-page promos for Ribald Tales of Canterbury.!

February 15th, 2012: Hyapatia Lee live show at The Comedy Attic!

Hyapatia is doing a live show at The Comedy Attic, 4th and Walnut in Bloomington, Indiana!

November 15th, 2011: Naughty Girls Need Love Too DVD!

The 1983 adult movie "Naughty Girls Need Love Too " - which marked Hyapatia's debut in movies - is being rereleased on DVD! Pre-order copies on Amazon.com ! Filmed in California, it features Honey Wilder, Ron Jeremy, Rachel Ashley, Randy West and others!

October 11th, 2011: Hyapatia is today on TV in the USA... on The Bill Cunningham Show!

"Today I am on the new daytime talk show The Bill Cunningham Show, (check local listings for time) I can't get it here at home, but I am almost sure it is in Indy, and I know it is in most other major cities. I appeared under my pseudonym, Hyapatia Lee"

The list of stations can be found on the show's website.

July 31th, 2011: Hyapatia in Hustler!

From Hyapatia's Twitter:

"Check out this month's issue of Hustler - I have an article and some photos in it. None nude, sorry ;)"

You can find the Hustler June 2011 issue on Amazon.com!


May 27th, 2011: more new pictures

There's a lot of new images in the Pictures page, such as vintage ads, movie posters and other memorabilia.
Check them out!

March 1st, 2011: new pictures

There are three new images in the Pictures page.
Go and check them out!

January 7th, 2011: Happy New Year!

Hyapatia's cd - already available at Amazon.com and CD Baby - is now also sold in Gemm.com.

Check the Filmography page for some new YouTube clips related to "Red Garter" and "Hellroller", just added!

November 24th, 2010: more sites carrying Hyapatia's digital release!

You can find Hyapatia Lee's music on Amazon UK, France, Japan, Germany; Napster, GreatIndieMusic.
Check the full list on the Music page!

November 3, 2010: new pictures

There are three new exclusive images of Hyapatia Lee in the Pictures page.
Go and check them out!

September 22, 2010: eMusic

Hyapatia's album is now also available on eMusic!

September 21, 2010: Amazon Mp3 widget!

Preview all tracks from "Double Euphoric" and buy digital album or single mp3s through this cool widget provided by Amazon.com!

September 19, 2010: Apple iTunes & CD Baby (mp3) release!


Hyapatia Lee & W4IK: Double Euphoric


"Double Euphoric" has been released as digital music files on Apple iTunes and CD Baby!

September 14, 2010: pre-order "Double Euphoric" cd on Amazon!

Hyapatia Lee & W4IK's "Double Euphoric" is now available as pre-order in Amazon.com!

September 12, 2010: Site launched today!

Hyapatia Lee & W4IK's "Double Euphoric" (1994) is being rereleased this month on Kutmusic! Soon available in all major digital outlets! CD distributed via CD Baby and Amazon.com.

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