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Hyapatia's film debut was in the 1983 movie "Naughty Girls Need Love Too"...

...but this movie was released after "The Young Like it Hot" which had actually been filmed later.


She starred in what was at the time the most expensive adult movie ever made, with a $300,000 budget: "The Ribald Tales of Canterbury". 


Hyapatia scripted many of the movies she starred in, like "Let's Get Physical", released in 1984. She also directed some.

A couple clips from "The Red Garter", an adult movie from 1986 also known as "Club Hyapatia".

Hyapatia Lee & Colleen Brennan:


Hyapatia Lee & Richard Pacheco:


Did you know that Hyapatia appeared also in non-adult movies?


The rare 1992 horror b-movie "Hellroller" by Gary J. Levinson, starring: Penny Arcade, Ron Litman, Michelle Bauer, Elizabeth Kaitan, David Sterry.

The movie is being discussed in this clip by Tony Masiello.

 Watch a bit of Hyapatia's dancing at 6:08 followed by the classic shower scene...



"Killing Obsession"

directed by Paul Leder and starring John Savage.


The dark comedy "The Wacky Adventures of Dr. Boris and Nurse Shirley", also directed by Paul Leder. Featuring Paul Bartell and Karen Black, with music by Jann Castor (founder of Polish band Republika).