Hyapatia has composed, performed and released her own music (see also her Biography), in collaboration with other talented musicians.

Some more info and details about her music career and hew work with other musicians can also be found in her book "The Secret Lives of Hyapatia Lee"

You can listen to the full album "Double Euphoric" for free in Spotify!


In the book there is also a detailed chapter telling how a mystical experience prompted her to compose the track "Solitary Eclipse", which can be also heard in this slideshow on YouTube!


This is the cover to "Double Euphoric ", originally released on E-Tsi Music in 1994 and reprinted in 2010 by Kutmusic. The tracks range from acoustic ("Angel") to classic rock, ("Pretty in Pink") to a crossover track ("The Dutch") in which Hyapatia even does some rapping!

It is available on Amazon.com, Apple iTunesCD Baby and many other digital and physical outlets.


The cd can be purchased at CD Baby and Discogs, or look for it on eBay.

The mp3/digital release is also available on:

...and most digital music outlets.

In 1999 one of her tracks was on the collection "Porn to Rock" (Callner Music / Normal Records) and in 2014 two of these tracks have also appeared on the digital compilation “The Alternative, Rock and Electronic Dancefloor – A Kutmusic Sampler, Vol.1″ also on Kutmusic.


For an exhaustive list see Hyapatia's Discography on Discogs.com:


Also, other artists have also composed songs and tracks about her, such as "Hyapatia Lee" by pop/rock artist Nick Duane, on his album "Confessions", from 1996.

Or the extra-long track "Hyapatia Lee" by Space Needle, from their 1997 album "The Moray Eels Eat the Space Needle".